Conquer Your Body Guide
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Conquer Your Body Guide

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Are you ready to conquer your body?

The Alpha Babes are passionate about helping women conquer their bodies through exercise and adopting a positive mindset. Throughout this guide you will find some of our personal tips and tricks to success, an extensive range of functional based workouts and mindset exercises to promote a healthy outlook on your new lifestyle.

The Conquer Your Body Guide focuses on functional HIIT training. We believe that you don't need to spend hours at the gym to have an effective workout; all you need in the right movements and the right intensity. Oh, and don't fret if your not a member of a gym! Our guide can also be done from home! Woo Hoo! We got you covered babe  xxx

( For greater success combine this guide with the Conquer Your Mind Guide - coming soon! )

So, are you ready to conquer your body? Well this is the perfect program for you! Stop dreaming and lets make it happen! 

What's included? 

  • 8 weeks of training, 4 workouts per week with fun weekend activities to keep your body guessing
  • Our go to nutritional tips to set you up for success
  • A training breakdown so you understand how the guide is structured
  • Exercise facts and myths 
  • A short list of equipment needed to get you started
  • Tips from your trainers on how to care for your body
  • Mindset exercises to keep you motivated 
  • A full exercise index that explains each movement to ensure you are applying the correct technique at all times

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Be part of the #trainlikeanalphababe community! Having a support network is an important part to keeping on track and motivated. Our hope is that we can create a place where women feel uplifted, empowered and supported by each other while on their fitness journeys.  


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